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Our Approach

It is our stronghold that doing preventive maintenance on buildings and equipment will keep costs down in the long run.  In keeping machines that are needed for general operations of a business functioning optimally, they will last longer and costly repairs can be postponed or avoided all together.  

All the Ways We Can Help

We also understand how something as small as a leaky faucet or broken access keypad can cause mayhem to a busy business.  When building maintenance items go awry, we prioritize these repairs and can be a one stop shop as our handyman experience is quite ranging.  From ceiling panels to flooring repairs, and everything in between, PreventiveMS has got you covered!

Meet the Team

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Mike Schreiner

After a very successful 30 years in the computer industry working for a state agency, Mike decided it was time to retire.  He has always worked projects, flipped houses and overall enjoyed working with his hands, mind and tools. For something to do in NC, he started a little handyman business working primarily out of the back of a Jeep.  While working with a few smaller business in the area doing things like fixing leaks, replacing a cable on a drive up window, or maybe a broken tile, he discovered a niche. That is, there was a huge need for qualified restaurant equipment and facility services.  He scheduled his first class with TurboChef in Dallas Texas where achieving his first factory certification. Currently, he is trained to work on many brands and types of equipment while continuing to remain current with changing technologies.

Founder & CEO

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Matthew Schreiner

Matthew’s interests have ranged far and wide throughout his life and career, however he has always had a knack for taking things apart and rebuilding them.  From Lego’s to circuit boards, he built a foundation for understanding how things worked at a young age. Matthew attended a tech school then went to a university to obtain a B.S. followed by an M.S.  After working in the industry for 6 years, a burning desire to own a business became impossible to ignore. Matthew’s father, Michael, had a burgeoning repair business and was ready for some help. The interests aligned and he made the decision to join forces in a small family business.  Here he has continued to gain knowledge and experience in equipment and building repair. It is his focus to grow PreventiveMS in the community such that it is recognizable as a personable, honest, and premier service company throughout the state of North Carolina.

General Manager

Need a hand?

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